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Are your floors safe? Need to have your floors swept or scrubbed fast and efficiently at an affordable price?

A Leading Industrial Cleaning Service have the right specialist equipment to get you the results you expect and avoid safety risks, accidents and costly business disturbances due to filthy floors.

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A Leading Industrial Cleaning Service is a Victorian based owner operated industrial and commercial cleaning provider. This business has been committed to providing quality professional customer service for 15+ years; however, we have been involved with the cleaning industry for more than twenty five years.

Its owners have vast experience in all aspects of cleaning. They are personally involved in all facets of the business supervising the staff very closely.


A Leading Industrial Cleaning Service holds Public and Products Liability Insurance with a nationwide coverage. Our staff members are fully covered by WorkCover.


At A Leading Industrial Cleaning Service we pride ourselves of having no records of work-related accidents or injuries. We use safe chemicals and equipment and strictly observe Occupational Health and Safety guidelines. We train our staff on the safe handling and storage of chemicals and equipment and make sure they keep in mind their own safety and the safety of people around them at all times. Material Safety Data Sheets are kept on all working sites and provided on request.

We undertake Job Risks Assessments and develop a Job Safety Analysis and Method of Work Plan for every project we carry out; we follow them through with our employees on site to put into practice workplace safety.


At A Leading Industrial Cleaning Service we observe environmental regulations. We use safe chemicals, recycled water and dispose of waste water thoughtfully. Our latest acquisition is the new Tennant M20 Scrubber-Sweeper ECOH20 Electrically converted water. It has a foam scrubbing technology and is a safe scrubbing alternative. It does not use detergent so it is a great way of protecting our environment.
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