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Q. Do you clean private homes?
A. No, we only provide industrial cleaning services.
Q. Do you provide steam carpet cleaning?
A. Only on an industrial scale and/or in conjunction with other cleaning services like warehouse or factory offices.
Q. Do you do window cleaning?
A. Yes, on an industrial scale only or as part of a warehouse, factory or building site complex cleaning.
Q. Do you sell cleaning equipment?
A. No, we only provide cleaning services.
Q. Do you provide maintenance cleaning services?
A. Yes, we do provide floor, factory, warehouse, car park maintenance services on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly basis.
Q. Do you offer employment opportunities?
A. We have a team of experienced professionals; however we do provide employment opportunities to experienced people. They need to have proven experience operating automatic ride-on floor sweepers/scrubbers and high water pressure machines, stripping and sealing vinyl floors, using a buffer and general industrial cleaning experience as well as being responsible, reliable and efficient.
Q. Do you charge for coming to our premises and give us a quote?
A. No. We provide free, no obligation quotes 24/7 in any suburb in or around Melbourne.
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